Your days of watching progress bars are over

If you’re spending more than a few minutes to fix your file, that’s already too long. Whether it’s SD, HD, UHD or 4K, cineXinsert’s file-to-file insert edit application has you covered for overwriting changes to the file you’ve already exported.

  • Actual Editing
  • Export
  • Re-Export, ad nauseum

How does it work?

It’s easy to use.  cineXinsert’s UI has a familiar player- recorder interface. In order to insert-edit, select edit points for a three-point edit, then select video and/or audio track(s) and trigger the insert to overwrite between your selected in and out points.

How can it help me?

With a typical export workflow, you edit a program, export your timeline and QC the file. If you find an issue during QC, the entire process is repeated. cineXinsert directly fixes files, saving hours of aggravation and wasted resources.

What does it do?

cineXinsert overwrites changes to files that you’ve already exported. This means that if there’s a mistake or a problem, you can overwrite the change instead of going back to your editing software and re-exporting the whole file again. 

cineXinsert represents a revolution in the post deliverables process

cineXinsert can boost your efficiency by allowing you to change media files you’ve already created with a direct overwrite of audio, video or CC data. Spend your time creating better content instead of being bogged down by the need to re-export and re-QC over and over again.

  • Time spent making a 12 second change to a 30 minute show