Overwrite new Video, Audio, or Captions without Re-exporting!


Insert and Transform hundreds, or even thousands of files… All without re-encoding & re-QC

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Create, Edit and Insert Closed Caption Tracks to files you’ve already created.

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Fixes to files that have already been created, delivered or archived are costly. And these changes are often repeated; meaning that over time, re-exporting and re-QCing wastes thousands of dollars. Instead, use cineXtools to insert-edit your changes to save time, energy and effort.


Over 95% of files need Correction, Re-Exporting and QC, one or more times before they’re accepted.


On average, it takes more than 60 minutes to make a Change, Re-Export and QC a
thirty-minute show.

Who’s using Insert Edit?

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We’ve partnered with Avid, Adobe, Autodesk and BMD so that you can export an “insertable” ProRes file straight from your favorite NLE.

The best part? The Cinedeck developed plugins are free. We’re committed to making your workflow as efficient as possible and providing you with the tools to get you from ‘start to finish’ as fast as possible. (read more)

Easy to Learn,
Easy to Use

cineXtools has a familiar player-recorder interface. To insert-edit, select edit points for a three-point edit, then select video and/or audio track(s) and trigger the insert to overwrite between your selected in and out points.

Spend more time editing and less time watching progress bars with software designed to help you speed up and manage your deliverables workflow.

Tools & Features

A simple user interface means that you can get started without much downtime, but don’t let the ease of use fool you. cineXtools is packed with sophisticated features like Audio Versioning, Timecode Restripe, AS11 Metadata Editor and more!

cineXtools is an all-in-one finishing tool designed to seamlessly fit into your deliverables workflow.