Mike Nuget: Making the most of your resources as a freelancer

“I can very quickly change a slate, the color of scene, update a file – that alone, saves me so much time.”

Mike Nuget, freelancer colorist and online editor, shares how cineXtools is empowering him to be more efficient, creative and effective.


My name is Mike Nuget. I’m a freelance colorist and finishing editor here in New York City.

As post people, we need to be able to do our jobs in a very finite manner of time. They could be shooting something for a year or two, and we have a couple days to do it.

So, dealing with changes is a big deal. There could be editorial changes, graphics changes, creative changes – all these different things that we have to deal with in this little bit of time.

So, being able to utilize our time is the most important thing.

That’s where cineX comes in.

I can just take a couple of seconds and change a slate, change a file, change a color on a shot – it’s a very quick insert.

That alone saves me so much time.

There were definitely times when I had to update 24 different, hour-long files. That would have taken me maybe a day or so to export those files, and the whole thing took me about an hour or two, because I just inserted just a couple of changes.

How do post-production houses benefit from using cineXtools? For a big post house, they have a tech floor or a duplication department. It won’t tie up an online editor or a whole suite by watching a render bar go by.

So, now, the editor can just make a quick couple of patches, and then the other department can just insert those in without bothering the edit suite and the clients and everything like that.

For a small post house, if you only have five people working for you, and you only have two systems, tying up a system for an hour or two or even longer is detrimental to you.

Having something like cineXtools can help you move on and be able to utilize your systems as much as possible.

I’m Mike Nuget, and cineXtools is empowering me to be more efficient, creative and effective with my time.