Turn One Last Thing to No Big Deal

When it comes to editing and finishing projects, everyone’s been a part of this scenario. After hours of editing, coloring, and perfecting a project for your client, you deliver the project on time. Your client reviews what you think is the final product, only to hit you with some truly disappointing news. “This looks great… but there’s one last thing we’ll need fixed.” It’s not even a mistake on your part. There’s footage of an employee who is no longer with the team. A sponsorship fell through and the product shot needs to be removed. The client wants to add some footage from some old content. Traditionally, this tiny change could lead to serious problems. Even though the change isn’t something you could’ve possibly known about, the time it will take to make the change and re-export the finished product could result in a damaged relationship with an impatient client. cineXtools offers a solution for this exact scenario. Insert edit is a game-changing feature that can make situations like these a whole lot simpler.

How does insert edit work?

Insert Edit understands where the content is located in the files, somewhat the same way a tape machine understands where frames reside on a tape, allowing you to accurately go in and replace specific video or audio content. So instead of exporting an entire program after making a change in your nonlinear system, you just export the changed section – just the minimum of required content.

Let’s talk big picture, what does it mean?

Insert Edit solves the time and resource-sucking problem of repeating an entire export and QC process, just to make a small change in a program, by giving you direct access to the video and audio essence in your flat deliverable files. In other words, Insert Edit allows content to be accurately replaced in a file based on timecode in and out points, just like working on tape.

Insert Edit comes in all shapes and sizes.

cineXtools is our cornerstone software and Insert Edit is the most prominent feature. You can get started without any financial commitment as we offer a 7-day free trial. You can learn more with our Getting Started Guide.

cineXplugins allows you to add Insert Edit to the editing tools you already know and love. Whether your go to is the Media Encoder for Premiere or Avid’s AMA Expert tool, these plugins are a cost-efficient way to save a lot of time on your edits.

Whether you handle a lot of corporate video projects or any other verticals that favor H.264 files, you can use our free transcoder to create Insert Edit compatible H.264. Learn more about that here from Noah Chamow, founder of Assistant Editor’s Bootcamp.

Impress your clients with blazing fast delivery

We started out with a difficult scenario. The only thing is… it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Introducing Insert Edit into your workflow can enable you to take on those pesky last minute edits.