What Industry Experts Say About cineXtools

From the Horse’s Mouth: What Industry Experts Say About cineXtools

When we introduced cineXtools and the power of insert editing that comes with it, we knew we had something special. By being able to drop fixes directly into the project without having to re-export before delivery, users are able to save so much time. Since its initiation, we’ve added different formats of cineXtools, including cineXplugin and cineXmeta. Across the world, post houses, production companies, and freelancers alike are harnessing the power of insert edit to realize their most efficient workflows. You don’t have to take our word for it though. Here are some of our favorite editing experts have to say about cineXtools.

Authentic Entertainment is an Emmy Award-winning production company. They’ve created some of TV’s most popular shows on Discovery Channel, Food Network, TLC, History Channel, National Geographic, Showtime, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, Bravo, and more. Will Pisnieski is Authentic Entertainment’s Chief Technology Officer, a position that’s allowed him to have a front row seat to see the impact cineXtools can have on a team of editors.

“From a business management perspective, it’s a user-friendly, easy to train piece of software. Moreover, it means that we don’t always have to bring back an online editor to make corrections to the file. Now, our staff assistant editors drop fixes into the file using cineXtools and we save money every time we use it.”

Mike Nuget is a freelance colorist and finishing editor, working out of New York City. As a freelancer, a lot falls on him to work efficiently and deliver on time.

“Dealing with changes is a big deal. There could be editorial changes, graphics changes, creative changes – all of these things that we have to deal with in this little bit of time. So, being able to utilize our time is the most important thing. That’s where cineX comes in. I can just take a couple of seconds and change a slate, change a file, change a color on a shot – it’s a very quick insert. That alone saves me so much time. There were definitely times when I had to update 24 different, hour-long files. That would have taken me maybe a day or so to export those files, and the whole thing took me about an hour or two, because I just inserted a couple of changes.”

Director’s Cut Films is an industry-leading post house, based in London. Doing a ton of work in reality television, turnaround times for Director’s Cut are shorter than most and changes tend to run right up to transmission. Managing Director Mark Manning can really split his time working at Director’s Cut into two distinct eras: pre- and post-cineXtools.

“Prior to incorporation Cinedeck and cineXtools into our workflow, whilst exporting a file, we had no way of ascertaining that the file was correct. And thus if we get to the end and find there’s an issue with it, we have to start again. But now that we have Cinedeck and cineXtools in the workflow, we can live create files; have a team of people watching the file editorially; we can have the on-line editor watching it to make sure all the bits he’s done are correct in the file; we can have a QC operator making sure it’s technically correct whilst the layoff is happening. And the ability to edit into files very quickly and confidently was an absolute benefit to clients, which means we’re adding value to the process.”

Adding cineXtools into your workflow instantly enables you to save time and money while increasing your likelihood of delivering a quality product ahead of the deadline. Whether you’re a freelancer taking on projects from multiple clients or a post house with a team of editors, cineXtools will change the way you work for the better. Learn more and sign up for your free trial today.