ProRes is the codec of choice among many video professionals. Luckily, Padded ProRes Files allow insert-edit, which eliminates the hassle and expense of having to re-export entire files for small changes.

There are two workflows that let you create a ProRes Pad file and both are absolutely free!

  • Plugins for various NLEs, include Cinedeck created plugins for Avid MC and Premiere.
  • A free rewrap utility that lets your batch process your Standard ProRes to Padded ProRes and vice versa.

Which NLEs support exporting an “insertable” ProRes file?

  1. Avid Media Composer – AMA plugin through Cinedeck
  2. Adobe Premiere (Media Encoder) – Plugin through Cinedeck
  3. Autodesk Flame and Smoke – available in the 2018 release
  4. DaVinci Resolve – v.14 and greater
  5. FilmLight Baselight v.5 and greater