cineXmeta: The Perfect Tool for the Modern Editor

In every industry, sport, art form, and craft, the same debate can be had: was it more difficult to succeed in the past? Or is it getting increasingly more difficult as we forge into the future? The world of post production is certainly no exception. Many would say that the technology and programming available today makes things much easier and more efficient for editors. While this may be true, with more technology comes more file types, specifications, and compliance standards. Luckily, certain tools can enable editors and others working in today’s post production industry to maneuver through the latest complexities in post production.

Metadata or Mega-Problem?
The introduction of streaming has been an absolute game-changer for the consumer. The same can be said for those creating streaming content, although the revolutionary offering hasn’t come without its challenges. With hundreds of different content creators streaming their content to hundreds of millions of households, metadata became a vital piece of the puzzle, enabling those companies to personalize the viewing experience at a level that had never been done prior. Whether it’s a freelance editor or massive post house that is editing content for a streamer, this level of customization from client to client comes down to one key thing: metadata. It has never been more important for easy metadata editing.

cineXmeta: The Right Tool for The Right Time
Insert cineXmeta. The Cinedeck team took the same revolutionary concept of insert editing that enabled editors to drop edits directly into projects and brought that same technology to metadata editing. Metadata editing can be just as time consuming as replacing a scene and usually requires re-exporting the entire file again. cineXmeta is a standalone metadata editor for both Mac and PC that allows users to instantly edit metadata for both QuickTime MOV and MXF files. More than that, cineXmeta allows editors to use presets to make all your metadata fields compliant for a specific customer. In other words, it’s never been so easy to make those small, but vital changes to the metadata on your project file.

As time passes, new trends and technologies come onto the scene. Some of them change the way we do things forever. Cinedeck will always work hard to bring the hard working people in the production and post-production space solutions like cineXmeta with the goal of improving workflow efficiencies.