Create a ProRes file from a DNxHD master in Avid on a Mac when Direct Out function doesn't work  


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21/08/2018 12:37 pm  


I am using the plugin to create a ProRes file from a DNxHD master in Avid on a Mac, but need to carry thru 10 channels of audio. Direct out does not convert the codec to ProRes, Avid Export does not create the Direct Out 10 channel file in MOV. But I discovered recently that the CinedeckMOV plugin will create the ProRes codec and keep the audio configured correctly.

More Details:

The direct out export function of Avid sometimes works to change the frame-rate, for example, if there already ProRes in the timeline, and create a ProRes output, (provided the first clip is the desired converted frame-rate). I have done that to create a ProRes 1080i 59.94 from 1080p 23.98 to create a broadcast multi-channel delivery. But QuickTime engine in Avid was unable to change the codec from DNxHD to ProRes (and keep the frame-rate the same) using the direct out method and maintain the audio config.

Posted with permission from Sean Stack, Alpha Dogs.

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