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cineXtools installations require an iLok license to authorize the application each time it starts. While running, the application also periodically checks to confirm the license is still available. Moreover, additional licenses are needed to authorize some modules such as the Closed Captions Editor.

iLok licenses can be installed in a specific individual computer or they can be installed in a portable iLok USB license key. Both types of installations are supported and licenses can be transferred from one machine or device to another by first deactivating (putting the license back into your account repository) and then activating the second.
In addition, network licensing is supported for managing multiple seats of cineXtools.

iLok License Manager: iLok License Manager is a free downloadable application used to manage iLok licenses. Once you receive a license in your iLok account, you use License Manager to:

  • Activate the license on your machine or on an iLok USB license key.
  • Transfer licenses between your account, Machines and an iLok USB key.
  • iLok License Manager can be downloaded at

Note: the iLok License Manager application must be installed on whatever system is running cineXtools, regardless of whether the license is on the machine or on a iLok USB key as the License Manager application supplies the system resources for decoding the license at run-time.

iLok account: Additionally, you need a free iLok account. If you do not have an account, no worries, you can create a free account at

The User Name you use to create the ilok account is what needs to be provided to Cinedeck for a license to be deposited to your account.

Avid has a good iLok License Manager “How To” video:

Note: The narrator mentions that licenses cannot be moved to a computer. That was specific to the Avid licenses. cineXtools licenses can be moved to a computer or iLok USB key.