cineXtools Fails to start and there is a "No Message" prompt  


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29/05/2018 3:14 pm  

Note: the iLok License Manager application must be installed on whatever system is running cineXtools, regardless of whether the license is on the machine or on a iLok USB key as the License Manager application supplies the system resources for decoding the license at run-time.

The "no message" failure to start is a "feature" of v4.x of the iLok License Manager. It means the license hasn't been able to phone home to get verified.
This verification need only occur once.
If you are using a node-license (installed on the machine rather than on an iLok USB key) then that machine with the installed license that is running cineXtools needs to connect to the internet once for iLok License Manager to verify the license.
If you're using a physical iLok USB key, you can verify the license on any connected system running iLok License Manager and then move it to an unconnected system.