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cineXtools is designed to solve problems and make your life easier, not harder - the system requirements are also quite simple.

iOS: If you work in the Apple space, you can use just about any Mac computer, the only real requirement is that it needs to be running OS X 10.9 {AKA Mavericks} or newer.

Windows: If you are in the Windows world, again, just about any hardware will do but it needs to be running Windows 7 x64 (64-bit) service pack 1 or newer. Windows 10 is fine.

OpenGL: The system also needs to support OpenGL but pretty much all desktops and laptops that run iOS or Windows include OpenGL support.

Performance: Of course, a more powerful system will perform better when running cineXtools but really, because most real processing is for small bits of video and audio, the biggest factor is disk I/O for read and write. Source and target files can reside on any drive; a local built-in disk, local attached disk (USB, Thunderbolt, etc.) or somewhere on your network but cineX is all about reading and writing data so the best performance will be seen when you work on fast disks, particularly for the target drive. SSDs are best. A fast local RAID or fast network storage on an 8 Gigabit or faster connection is good too. The worst is something like a USB2 single platter spinning hard drive. 

If a system is under-powered, it can still work but you will notice poor playback. This is particularly true of AVC-Intra which is one of the more difficult codecs to encode and decode however, XDCAM HD can also present a challenge.

License: cineXtools needs a license to run but bear in mind that licenses are OS independent; in other words, it does not matter if you are using a Mac or a PC, the license is good for either. The license can be installed on your system (this is known as a machine license) or, if you need more mobility, you can put your license on an iLok Second Generation or newer USB Smart Key device and plug it into whatever computer you are using. This is the same device used by Avid and many other companies and the keys can hold many licenses. If you do not currently own a iLok USB key, they can be purchased at and through many other resellers worldwide.
cineXtools also supports network licensing so if you want to flexibly run multiple seats, this can be a good option.

License Manager: Additionally, you need a free iLok account and the iLok License Manager application. If you do not have an account, no worries, you can create one at You can download the appropriate License manager application at the same time.

(Note: cineXtools requires License Manager version 4 or newer so you should assure you are running the most recent version)


Not Starting: If you are having difficulties starting cineX on your Windows 7 system, run Windows update to assure that it has the latest fixes. In rare situations, after the Windows 7 update completes, you may receive errors indicating missing files. In this case, it may be necessary to manually install both of these Visual Studio libraries:

VS2015 Redistributable:
VS2010 Redistributable:


If you have any questions, please get in touch: cineXtools Support