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12/01/2018 11:58 am  

Hi and Welcome to the cineXtools forum!!!

This forum is managed by Cinedeck employees as well as external volunteer moderators. We all would like to only be needed to provide technical support and product development feedback to you. It is not our intention to control the forum editorially and none of us have a lot of time to intercede in arguments or other inappropriate discussions so we are not going to list a slew of rules, we request simply that you be respectful and keep your posts and comments civil and on topic or a moderator will close your account.

The forum structure is based on the cineXtools interface with matching topic areas for each tab or module in the application. If you are using cineXtools Basic, please post your topics there. For the rest, please try and post your topics in the appropriate section with explanatory titles to make it easier for everyone.
If you feel another section is warranted, please let us know in an email (link at the page bottom) or the "Feature Requests" section.