Irresponsible waste of data bandwidth by broadcasters  


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16/01/2018 8:34 pm  

Hi guys, 

There is an industry-wide problem, which is not the fault of cinextools, but as you are probably the only company able to solve it, I wish to mention it on your forum.

Broadcasters are very quick to request a re-delivery of an entire program , when the program is 99.9999% perfect, perhaps with just one frame which needs replacing. 

The last 4k program we delivered was close to 900gig, and needed to be uploaded three times to the broadcaster. But it was simply due to an end slate change (twice)


This is a huge waste of data bandwidth, when logically, the broadcasters could all have a cinextools system available online remotely for post houses to remotely insert patches, rather than resending the entire program.