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30/01/2018 7:33 am  

I've been testing cine-x  for insert edits to Prores video masters from our online suites.

Please can we have cine-x generate some kind of log file to accompany a master once some inserts have been performed? It would be very useful to know when and from what sources changes were made to the target file.
I assume that Cine-x has some kind of log internally. Could this be leveraged to create an xml or txt file in the location of the target file? A virtual record report, if you like.


Des Murray,



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30/01/2018 7:55 am  

I'm pretty sure this is part of the ongoing API development process but don't know what the plans are for carrying it back into the stand-alone application.

I'll see if I can find something out - In the meantime, welcome to the forum...

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30/01/2018 8:05 am  

Love this idea, agree with it too. A text file would work; PDF export of such a report would be even better. And to be entirely greedy, a way to customize the PDF report with a job name, client name, date of work, Start TC and End TC of the insert, name of the file inserted etc.

Perhaps once the cineX customer base starts to use and deploy the cineX API more aggressively, the need to produce this kind of report when hundreds or even thousands of files are being updated may be very useful, especially for large scale/enterprise cineX customers. 

I wonder if our clients would want such a report, if anything just to "prove" that the work was done. 

We recently ran into an issue where we used cineXtools to fix a shot where the change was SO SUBTLE, the client themselves weren't sure if we had made the change or not. A report may provide good assurances for the client that the work was done when we say it was done. Since cineX is so fast making a short correction, there isn't much to "see" as far as the client's visibility of the work. 

This is a good suggestion...

Matt Schneider - PostWorks New York

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30/01/2018 8:56 am  

This is in the works.  There will be user-definable detail level and report type, eg XML or PDF, and stored at a user-defined location or sent via email.