ProRes Workflow Plugins

File-based insert edit has changed the file delivery process. No longer is it necessary to waste hours completely re-creating program files just to fix minor issues or to marry the locked video with the final audio mix. However, our customers were frustrated with the need to re-wrap ProRes before inserts were possible. Understandably, they want the insert edit workflow for ProRes to work as efficiently as the other formats but the obstacle was the VBR nature of the original files so it made sense to partner with the NLE manufacturers to enable direct CBR file creation from the finishing systems. (Learn more about re-wrapping ProRes)


In cooperation with Avid for Media Composer and Adobe for Premiere through their Media Encoder, Cinedeck has create a pair of plugins to allow users to export constant bit rate ProRes files directly from their edit system. Additionally, Cinedeck worked with the Autodesk team to create a Cinedeck CBR ProRes export preset for their Flame, Lustre, Flare and Flame Assist applications.

This means content producers that export from these systems can apply audio, video and closed caption insert-edits to their ProRes master files immediately, without any file preparation delays.

The basic Adobe and Avid Plugins are free. If you would like to have one or both, fill out the info below:

Note: These plugins are for Mac OS X installation only.

Avid and Adobe systems running on Windows are not licensed by Apple to support ProRes so our plugins also cannot be used on those systems.





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I would like to request the Free Cinedeck ProRes Workflow Plugin for Avid Media Composer
I would like to request the Free Cinedeck ProRes Workflow Plugin for Adobe Media Encoder and Premiere
Adobe Notes:
1) The sequence must have the audio set up properly (File>New>Sequence>Tracks, then create a preset)
2) After selecting Cinedeck ProRes in the format dropdown, audio routing needs to be manually added and track type and source selected. (if this is not done, then your export will have no audio.