cineXtools is a stand-alone media-file and deliverables management application made up of several modules. Really, you should consider these tools as companions to your non-linear editor. The primary module is cineXinsert with an upgrade options that include XDCAM or AS11 support.
Preferred Version Features
cineXinsert, the main module in cineXtools, provides the ability to accurately replace video, audio and close caption data in existing flat files. The insert process is almost identical to inserting into a video tape. Timecode is used to define in and out points for the source and master and like inserting on tape, replacement content is truly overwriting the original data. Normally, the source and destination video are the same codec but in some cases it is even possible to use a different codec, for example you can use DNxHD content as the source and cineX will transcode it into a Prores master. It is also possible to remap audio tracks and even utilize wave audio files as sources during an insert edit.
The Audio Versioning module enables you to do a much faster than real-time merge of video and audio content. You can manage and combine audio with video essence by adding or removing audio tracks, re-routing or re-mapping existing audio tracks as well as using wave files as the source for audio tracks. All of this occurs as a rewrap which is important to understand because a rewrap is not an encode or transcode process. Re-wrap is much closer to a file copy, making it significantly faster than re-exporting a changed show from the time-line. Also important to understand, the video, audio and caption essence is not changed during a re-wrap, it is simply copied into a single file. So if you already checked it, you don’t really need to check it again.
Trim is a much requested tool for shortening a program file by removing tops or tails. In addition, Extend is used to lengthen a program by adding black filler to the start, middle or end of a file. These added sections can also be simultaneously filled with new content or, insert edit can be utilized after the extend process to fill in the space. Like the audio versioning, Trim and Extend is a special rewrap process that pours the program video, audio and caption essence into a new wrapper or container while simultaneously making the required length changes.
As part of the main cineXinsert module, it is possible to change the timecode for an existing file. With the Timecode Editors, you can instantly change the running timecode for a loaded file as well as toggle the file timecode between Drop-Frame and Non-Drop Frame.
cineXtools is a non-real-time application which means you don’t need the latest and greatest workstation, it can be run on virtually any computer and its resolution independent which means it is designed to also process 4K. As the resolution goes up so does your non-linear editor’s, render and export time, giving cineXtools an even higher value. Instead of waiting hours for the show to re-export, just export out the fix (patch) and insert it into the master file.

The Multi-Clip Insert feature allows you take multiple patches and insert them all at once. Drag and drop your patches and on the source side and they queue up according to timecode. Then, drag and drop the file you want to insert to on the target side.
Add-on Features
With the XDCAM upgrade, you’ll now be able to insert and overwrite new video, audio or closed caption data to XDCAM files created from Telestream, Avid, Adobe, and XDCAM decks. Do you have archived XDCAM files that now need to be reversioned? Use cineXinsert to insert the new slate, promo or textless elements so you don’t have to encode and QC your XDCAM file all over again!

Additional planned support include OpAtom and MOV wrapper support.

The cineXtools UK DPP AS-11 Metadata Editor instantly adjusts, validates and updates the DPP required metadata that accompanies AVC-Intra 100 master files. The Metadata Editor is extremely useful to content producers delivering files to companies and broadcasters that endorse the technical specifications set out by the United Kingdom’s DPP (Digital Production Partnership).

Combining the ability to overwrite fixes to video and audio with the insert edit tool, and the AS-11 metadata editor means that delivering AS11 files just got a whole lot easier.

Additional planned support include being able to rewrap any AVC-I file to an AS11-DPP file. Then use the cineXinsert metadata editor to fill in the appropriate fields.

cineXinsert now support video and audio insert for XAVC CBG 300/480 video/audio insert (NHK Profile) and audio only inserts for XAVC VBR/LongGop. XAVC codec support is part of the +AVC package for cineXinsert.