cineXtools License Request

Cinedeck has several cineXtools licensing options…

  • Full featured cineXtools licenses on a subscription basis are available here.
  • Trial licenses for cineXtools Preferred and Preferred+ that include XDCAM HD, DPP/AS-11 and XAVC are available via the adjacent form.
  • Free cineXtools BASIC licenses are also available via the adjacent form.

Trial licenses function for 7 days after validation and can optionally be extended. cineXtools BASIC licenses must be renewed every six months.

All cineXtools licenses can be installed on the computer with cineXtools or on a portable iLok Second Generation or newer USB Smart key.

To request a Trial or Free license, submit the form (include your iLok user ID). After receipt of your request, someone from Cinedeck will be in contact.

This is a request for an iLok license to be delivered to your iLok account.

Licenses can be installed on the computer where cineXtools is installed or on a iLok USB key. To use a iLok USB license key, it must be Second Generation or newer. If you need a iLok USB key, they can be purchased at and through many other resellers worldwide.

Additionally, you need a iLok user ID and iLok license manager. If you do not yet have an iLok account, create one for free via the link at the top left of the iLok home page:

  • Download links for cineXtools trials will be sent to your email address.
  • Download the latest cineXtools BASIC here .
  • cineXtools applications can be installed on multiple computers but each active installation requires a unique license or your iLok USB license key.

Contact us for additional information.