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    USER STORY: Shapeshifter Post

    Shapeshifter Post steps up their finishing game with cineXinsert (read more)

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    USER REVIEW: cineXinsert is a big time saver

    Shane Ross reviews cineXinsert on his blog, This is an external link (read more)

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    A Big Picture View of cineXinsert

    Let’s talk about how File-based Insert Edit can be applied on a larger scale. (read more)

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    4K Online & Finishing with cineXinsert

    Delivering and finishing UHD|4K shows can be challenging. (read more)

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    File-based Insert Edit vs. QuickTime Pro

    True, file-based insert editing – how it’s different from QT Pro. (read more)

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    Insert Edit and VBR File Re-wrapping

    Why do we rewrap Pro Res files? (read more)