Massively automate your deliverables
workflow with cineX API

cineX API represents the next evolution in cineX technology by streamlining your distribution workflow. Insert and replace a promo slate to hundreds of files at a time, or create multiple audio versions for your international deliverables with the push of one button. Do one job or create multiple jobs that can be combined to customize a workflow that quickly and efficiently meets your needs – all without re-encoding and re-QCing your files.

Create Efficiencies at Every Level

Post Production Facility

Automate a little or a lot. Project Creator lets you benefit from batch processing multiple files without a MAM.

Use Project Creator & Queue Manager:

cineX API's built in workflow engine

Studios & Networks

Control your assets at a granular level. Insert edit audio or video to transform files for delivery using your existing MAM.

Use cineX API:

cineXtools uses RESTful API, the most widely accepted protocol for interoperability with Media Asset Management systems.

Cloud-based Services

Re-uploading content over and over can be costly and time-consuming. Why not insert-edit instead? (planned Q1, 2018)

Use cineX API's Command Line Tool:

If you only require access to a limited library of the cineX API, this is the right level of API access for you.

Insert and Transform hundreds or even thousands of files at a time without re-encoding…

…Or create multiple audio versions for delivery.

Even add, replace or delete subtitles and captions.

Integrate cineX API

Project Creator

cineX API comes with a workflow engine for the creation of pre-defined file and folder based processes. Both Project Creator and Queue Manager can help you get started quickly. With full access to all cineXtools features and functions, use Project Creator to design multiple jobs that can be completed sequentially. As each file finishes its transformation, it can get saved to a shared watchfolder using Queue Manager.


cineX API provides unrestricted API access to the full complement of cineXtools functions. If you’re using a MAM, there’s a good chance that RESTful APIs are already part of your automation workflow. cineXtools provides REST API hooks for all it’s features and functions – from insert to audio reversioning to timecode restripe. Whether you’d like to insert and transform 10 files or 1000 files, cineX provides tools to quickly undertake these tasks over multiple processing cores.

Low Level API

Planned for release early 2018, cineX API will provide low level access to it’s libraries for end-users with experience programming. This means that access to only H.264 file inserts or just ProRes inserts is possible to do efficiently without going through middleware to translate each process. By using cineX API’s command line tools, users have the option of exploiting cineX’s insert-edit engine, unlocking wider, data center deployments of cineX insert-edit technology.